Physics of the Universe and Introduction to God


Chapter One


Finite to Infinite Awareness


Did you ever wonder why we are attracted to inspired talent such as music, paintings and sculptures, as well as script written stories, acting and the like? Here is the reason. The ultimate energy force behind all things we see, which we know is basic physics that says everything originates as light, doesn't start as light as many assume, but it goes beyond to the source of that light. Physics, as we know it, starts with the speed of light slowing as its molecules cool to eventually end up on the ground as element matter or mass as a solid.


To the reverse of that idea, if I pick up a stone and was somehow able to throw it as fast as the speed of light, it would progressively change form as the speed got faster and faster until its molecules liquefied into light or plasma, like that which trails a speeding comet or meteor visible only as it passes through the earth’s atmosphere. Of course, that's all basic to our existence in the universe we view with much limitation, but it doesn’t directly show us the unseen we understand as "GOD."


So, my point without preaching is this, how do we know this source of all inspiration, that we see materialized in a good sound, good smell, pleasant taste, and yes, a good touch, is indeed the one thing faster than light itself, THAT OF THOUGHT, which is so fast it has no movement at all? If I say the name of your hometown, how much time did it take you to travel there? NONE! See, there is no time and space with thought. All creation starts as thought. For example, if I want you to build me a house as I picture it in my mind, I first COMMUNICATE to you by word that which you cannot see, then also in written draft of that image, so you can materialize that thought into my new house. God, that unseen ENERGY FORCE, we desire to meet, is the same way in his creation. The creation’s physical existence IS HIS THOUGHTS EXPRESSED that we may know the unseen, by those things which we do perceive, with our five physical senses provided from birth.


Upon the front of your face is the proof of that which I speak. Starting at your chin, how do you know it exists? You feel it, Right? Now proceed up your face from the sense of solid matter to the next sense, the mouth with its ability to taste matter in the stage between gas and solid, that of liquid. Going up, the next is the sense of smell with the nose, letting us perceive the molecular elements called gases (good and foul as they may be). Now see the progression?


What’s next with the law of physical molecular matter as detected on your face? Right! It is the ear for sound. Now you know why sound is slower than light, in fact almost one million times slower, which begins to speak of time, space relevance in this expression of basic physics of which we are speaking. Next up we have the eyes which allow us to perceive molecular light, still the same mass that we started with, just moving faster on the spectrum of time, as we perceive it, never dissipating to annihilation but only changing form. Take a solid ice-cube from the freezer. When given temperature change to excite the molecules to move faster, soon you get a puddle of water. With further heat, the faster those molecules begin to jump in the pot or boil. A little more heat and those same molecules take the form of gas, like a good pot of coffee on the stove in the morning, with the driving force of aroma that gets us out of bed. Another example is a flower's smell to attract a bee. Well . . .  you get the idea. However, where do the vapors of hydrogen and oxygen go, when you can no longer see them coming out of the pot? SOUND! Now here is where the ‘physical’ ventures into the ‘unseen’ with those same gas molecules that just boiled up, up and away, unseen by the naked eye but very much still in existence in their full molecular value in which they started.


Detecting them is where it becomes interesting. At any stage of molecular change that becomes invisible to us, we must have a spectrum or trap in which to catch them. All molecules in (kinetic) motion are energy in motion and emanate that energy in a force field called “MAGNETISM.” Did you ever try to put together the two positive ends of magnets only to find an invisible force field pushing them apart? Well, here is how that works. When you want to capture those magnetic sound molecules, you need an electromagnetic spectrum. Big word, Right? Here is what it means. These molecules of sound must be reflected in order to catch them in the spectrum trap. Remember they are moving very fast, much faster than when they left the coffee pot as steam or gas. So, like a catcher’s mitt catching the pitcher’s fast ball, the impact allows us to sense, with our eardrums, the magnetic force generated from the pitcher’s mound. For further evaluation of those impulses, the measure of the spectrum is done with a scale of measurement as it is broken down into tones measured by that scale. Of course, true scale measurement doesn’t really exist because all matter, at whatever stage, be it solid, liquid, gas, sound or light, is all infinite, thus immeasurable by rule or scale. Keep in mind that word, “INFINITE,” because we will revisit it quite often in this thesis.


Now, how do we know that these same molecules exist as light? This is through another spectrum but, what is that? Light, like that of sound, can only be perceived through its reflective values, like looking in a mirror which reflects back to us matter as our most beautiful faces. Well, maybe not so much for all of us, but you get the idea. The Eye is the Prism receptor, a fancy word for mirror, which is again the catcher’s mitt, if you will, that takes in the molecular atoms of light or photons, separating them into a spectrum so we can perceive them as color. The simplest example of a light spectrum is a three-sided mirror we know as a prism which separates the different wavelengths in which light travels, again time-space-relevance. Fundamentally, color exists, as we perceive it, as yellow, blue and red. Depending on the molecular values of each, we are able to perceive different values on the simple scale of measurement of those variations such as in a rainbow with its familiar seven-color range. However, again, light being infinite, no scale of measurement captivates its full value. For example, once leaving that simple scale, we go into light waves that are unseen by the naked eye, such as x-rays, gamma and beta rays. Then, we have ultraviolet light and black light, all of which require special spectrum catchers allowing us to perceive their existence. Keep in mind, all mass in motion is energy expressed in heat, generated by molecular movement. That speed is further measured by heat radiation of that movement, generated by friction or resistance, within a magnetic field wherein everything in the universe functions.


So, what’s a magnetic field? Like I mentioned earlier about trying to put two magnets together, you have an invisible force field, very real, but naked to the eye, pushing and pulling at the mass. This invisible force field is understood to be gravity or gravitational resistance. It is this resistance that is the glue that holds the universe in place. Remember the cold ice-cube that ended up in the coffee pot only to disappear into the air, as the molecules were forced to move faster and faster due to the heat? Of course, a simpler expression of that same idea is to rub your hands together, moving your skin molecules faster and faster until heat is felt. Now given all that, we can see the progression of mass and the different stages of change that emits energy at every stage. This allows us to utilize its force generated by that energy, from its simplest forms of fire for heating our food to the most extremes like that of nuclear fusion necessary to generate enough energy to explode an atomic or nuclear bomb, or radiated energy to run a turbine in an electrical power plant that gives us our modern-day conveniences as close as an electrical, wall plug.


Light, being the fastest form of energy in the physics of the universe, as understood within the science world, leaves us with the greatest expansion of energy force known to mankind, that of the “BIG BANG”, the well-known and assumed acceptance of the genesis of the universe. The problem is that it doesn’t stop there, because infinity has no beginning nor end and the science world, being practical by laws and facts, has determined, based upon that logic, that mass has no beginning or end, never dissipating to annihilation but only changes form.


The age-old debate surrounding that issue raises the question:  Is the universe closed, as in a concentric circle, cycling back upon itself? Or, is it open, as in a lineal infinity, a never-ending road without beginning or end in either direction? The simple answer: it is both. To picture this infinite value of the universe let us all go back a few years, some of us more so than others, and consider a toy with which we all played called a ‘slinky’. This was nothing more than a flaccid spring which formed a series of complete circles which never came back upon themselves, thus making the continued process endless in the circle itself, also endless in theory, depending on how long you could imagine the length of the wire of which the toy was made. Well, you get the idea because the toy, unlike the universe, comes to an end at either end of the wire while the universe is infinite in revolution as a cycle, as well as lineal, coming and going.


Now at this point keep in mind the magnetism / gravity idea along with the catcher’s mitt spectrum idea, and along with that, the endless slinky which runs in both directions without end into infinity. Here, you will begin to see the universe as a very well-oiled and well-balanced motor, better yet a dynamo constantly emitting energy. Energy is mass in motion and when taken to top speed in physics; it is light. The most we are going to get out of it is the BIG BANG. Einstein proved this with the atom bomb, but energy doesn’t stop at the point of light and that is our subject, most important to this thesis.


What is faster and produces more energy than light? To answer that question, we must continue up the face to the next sense receptor given to us to perceive or receive mass in thought form. Here is where we leave behind, for the most part, the science world of physics, because to most scientists, making that leap from mass to light and then from light to thought, borders into the unknown some may call faith. This hesitation was understandable years ago before we had the computer. However, to continue turning a blind eye to it now with the invention of the computer, its main frame, its hard and soft drives with program abilities, especially knowing that it takes the most important program - the Executive, to bring it all together, there remains no excuse for the science world not to now accept this leap.


The executive program is what tells the computer what to do. Our brain, which reflects through nerve conductors to the main frame and hard drive, like the computer, is the BIG RECEIVER of data or information. But information, in and of itself, does not compute (determine by calculation) or simply, make sense of the information submitted to it. Therefore, the Executive Program brings it all together in a rational way, subject to the pattern established and programmed within it by the Executive design. Keep in mind that this sequence of events, alone, does not prove the existence of a divine being called “God.” What it does do however, is show a series of ‘causation’ to a predictable outcome. If there is anything that the present-day computer has proven is its ability, by design, to duplicate the brain as nothing more than a mainframe computer capable of taking in information and systematically, upon command, spitting it back out in a semblance by designed and programmed order.


This brings us to examine the next level of senses as they exist on our face. That is the BIG AND SIXTH SENSE, of which all too many people are not aware. If they are, too often they fail to utilize it in the fullness of its designed value as a sense receptor, that of the brain. Have you ever heard the term "no sense"? So, just what is this most unused sense receptor all about? Oh sure, we can say it’s our brain, but that can be as basic as a blob of grey matter on a mortician table, but . . . that’s not all. Remember the solid molecular structure idea we started with? The brain in its simplest form is that grey matter or the mainframe, hard drive of the computer, but it is not the EXECUTIVE PROGRAM that resides in that grey matter. NOW we are getting to the unseen... WHICH IS THOUGHT!!! Or better yet, "SPIRIT”!!! This is the Genesis (beginning) of that house, mentioned earlier, I ordered to be built by the contractor.


Now for the BIG question:  FROM WHENCE COMETH THE EXECUTIVE PROGRAM??? Not Apple or Microsoft... let's hope. Now it should be obvious why the brain or sense receptor rests at the top of the chain of senses as they exist on the front of our face. But where is there room for God in all this analogy? Right on the front of your face! The ability to perceive anything is in our senses with which we are designed. Without those, we don't even know if we exist, let alone someone else. If you don't believe that, just take away one, like sight, and see how well you can prove you still exist. I know what you're thinking, "I can hear, smell, taste and feel so I still exist!" But take another sense away, such as hearing and what are you left with? Not much! In fact, soon you must totally depend on the senses of others just to function. Well, by now you know where am I going with this. What if you lost all your physical senses? Would you still exist? Yeah, but I imagine it would be very lonely wouldn't you think?  Let’s hope no one would ever have to experience such a fate. Think about it, because thought might be all you are left with, and I sure wouldn't want to be left with some people’s thoughts. Can you imagine the consternation it would bring to know and not be able to change anything? If there is indeed a hell after life, I imagine that would be close. No need for it to be that way, because the consternation could only exist if you believed that you could change anything if you had the ability to return. This is not so much different for us that are still alive, because if we remain alive and others go before us that we feel we owed for some reason, as the result of something we did to them, would not the same consternation permeate our life, not being able to make it right? Surely it would.


So how has this problem been planned for by the Creator? Now comes the point of this whole dissertation in analyzing the physical creation to the point that it brings us to the BIG QUESTION:  "ARE WE OF OURSELVES, . . . OR HAVE WE BEEN DESIGNED BY HIM WHO HAS MADE US”? What part do we really have, if any, in that creation or even its portrayal on to the stage of life? In other words, are our thoughts our own, or is it, as all the rest of the creation, the thoughts of God expressed, in essence Himself, materialized that we may see, hear, and feel Him, the expressed image of His being? Now it sounds like I'm preaching, or at least building you up to it, but that is not my objective. Just as Einstein said, the physics are all good, and understanding them is important, but what was more important than all of that for him, was "to know the thoughts of GOD."


So, . . . that is where we are, as we approach these profound things. What are the thoughts of God? Physics takes us back to an alleged 'BIG BANG,' but where does it go from there? What was before the BIG BANG? That is the real question?  It is this that occupies our attention and consideration in this thesis.


Chapter 2: Infinite Parallel Magnetism and the Dual Universe in which We Live


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