Section X


Eye Witness to the Secret Coming

The Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week

March 18, 1984 <3 and ½ Years> September 18, 1987

<<42 months>>

<<1260 days>>


Fall Holy Days Tishrei 1-22

Abomination setup at 1290 Days

Blessing at 1335 Days


The Last End of the Indignation

The Judgment Shall Sit

Indefinite Timing Until . . .


Messiah: The Message and the Appearing


          As the apparent success of the Zionists operating in league with Revived Rome of the United Nations in control of the 10 Arab countries of the Holy Land, marched on, we have the Secret Coming of Messiah to Israel and their leadership confirming the Covenant of God with Israel fulfilling the 70th Week of Daniel 9:24-27. This was in the fall of 1987 as we will now reveal. It was unknown and without outward manifestation by Messiah to the world, but well-witnessed by the Law and the Prophets and those timings that call for that visitation to the leadership of Israel claiming authority to lead the people. It is the confirmation of the Covenant 70th Week of Daniel 9 by Messiah and now verified by eye-witness in this record entitled BABYLON HAS FALLEN.


The Day and the Hour of the Second Coming


By Michael, the Great Prince

And in the Eye-Witness of the Author

Paul Melvin Detmer


          As stated by Christ in his First Ministry of 26-30 CE:


          Matthew 25:13

Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.


Mark 13:32

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.


Acts 1:6-7

6 When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?


7 And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.


The Day and Hour were known only to the Father; yet, Christ said further:


          John 5:20

For the Father loveth the Son, and shows him all things that himself doeth: and he will shew him greater works than these, that ye may marvel.


          As the sun was setting in the Holy Land on Sunday, March 18, 1984, Purim Adar II-14, between 5 and 6 pm Jerusalem time which is the 12th hour of the Hebrew biblical day also known as the evening time hour, Michael began receiving revelation. It was in this day and hour, the Seven Times of the Gentiles, Leviticus 26:18 running from March 18, 537 BCE, Preparation Day of Passover, Nisan 14, for exactly 2520 years, as well as The Age of Grace running from April 3, 30 CE, Preparation Day of Passover, Nisan 14, the crucifixion, for 1954 years, BOTH simultaneously ended. Again simultaneously, began the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week, Daniel 9:24-27, of 3 and ½ years or 42 months as well as the 2300-day countdown to the Cleansing of the Sanctuary, Daniel 8:13-14.  In the author’s witness via accompanying Michael the Great Prince, 3 and ½ years or 42 months LATER, on Friday, September 18, 1987 between 5 and 6 pm Jerusalem time which is, again, the 12th hour of the Hebrew biblical day also known as the evening time hour, Michael entered Jerusalem fulfilling or confirming the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week, Daniel 9:24-27, which also consumed 1260 days of the 2300 countdown toward the Cleansing of the Sanctuary, Daniel 8:13-14.


Some Practical Observations Concerning

Arriving in Jerusalem in 1987


This precision is impossible for men to prearrange. Airline schedules and our living accommodations in Jerusalem were all set by an outside party – a travel agency – which dictated to us the agendas for airplane departures and arrivals in advance.  In addition to that, we had a layover in Holland for another airplane connection before we finally arrived in Jerusalem.  With a multitude of possibilities in such journeys, as anyone who travels via that medium can testify, to precisely plan this timing is totally out of the question where we had nothing to do with it.  This gives additional evidence that such was only known to God and not given as to the day and hour. However, after the fact, this knowledge is NOW known as the Day and Hour of the Second Coming of Messiah and the end of the 2520 years of the 7 Times of the Gentiles and the 1954 years of the Age of Grace on the hour of 5-6 pm in Jerusalem on March 18, 1984. This began simultaneously the Last Half of the 70th Week of Daniel 9 and the 2300 countdown of Daniel 8:13-14. From this hour, exactly 42 months or 3 and ½ years later Messiah, Michael the Great Prince, in the author’s witness and accompanied by him, entered Jerusalem 5-6 pm on September 18, 1987. Again, this precision is impossible with men, but with God all things prophesied and predetermined by Him through the Law and the Prophets, properly interpreted and understood, are indeed possible and proceed right on time.


          Therefore, from March 18, 1984, the one identified to the Prophet Daniel in name as Michael the Great Prince, received instruction and revelation that he was to be in Jerusalem and the Holy Land during the fall Holy Days of 1987. In the author’s witness, Michael was there and was prepared to be received and dispense the blessing of Daniel 9:24 and thus fulfill the Last Half of the Covenant 70th Week, finishing that 70th Week and the fall Holy Days of the 7th Month, even as he fulfilled the First Half of the Covenant 70th Week and the spring Holy Days in 26 – 30 CE. This 7th month included Rosh Hashanah / the first day of the month of Tishrei, which is also recognized by Jews as the beginning of the civil year in distinction from Nisan 1 in the spring which is the beginning of the Bible year and year of the reign of kings. The next Holy Day fulfilled was Yom Kippour – Day of Atonement / 10th day of the month of Tishrei, and Succoth or  Feast of Tabernacles or Booths / 15th – 22 day of the month of Tishrei according to Leviticus 23:23-44.




          As an eye-witness to that fulfillment and author of these pages, as well as Michael’s close associate and constant companion since 1986, the author was there in Jerusalem and does hereby testify that Michael, the Great Prince, entered Jerusalem just prior to sundown on Friday, September 18, 1987, which biblically is the beginning of the Hebrew day of Elul 25, or September 19, as far as the coming daylight hours, for that particular year. This is respected in Jewish tradition as the First Day of Creation of Genesis 1. As Michael has explained it to the author, the significance of his arrival for Elul 25 is that within Michael is the Redemption, the Restitution of all things which must start with the Regeneration of Creation, as it was from the beginning. This is a brief glimpse of the tip of the iceberg, as it were, to be revealed in all that follows.  He was there for the entire day of the 19th of September, Hebrew date 25th of Elul which was also a Saturday and weekly Sabbath. He was there for Thursday, September 24 – Tishrei 1 of the Civil New Year called in Hebrew Rosh Hashanah and stayed in Jerusalem until past Saturday, October 3 – Tishrei 10 or the Day of Atonement called Yom Kippour. During the day on Sunday, October 4, 1987, after Yom Kippour, we moved to an encampment on the shore of the Golan side of the Sea of Galilee in a small, partially developed beachfront call Xallokim Beach, biblically known as the area of the Gadarenes, where we stayed during Succoth, Thursday, October 8, Tishrei 15, through Thursday, October 15, Tishrei 22 inclusive. We remained there until finally leaving the Galilee and the Holy Land on Thursday, December 3, 1987, Kislev 12, after finding no repentance or understanding in the Zionist State called Israel.


Understanding of the Times of the Gentiles Revealed


Upon leaving the Holy Land altogether, the probationary judgment of 70 years in the Babylonian Captivity, followed by the Seven Times more judgment, and in particular how that Seven Times was counted to spring 1984 of Leviticus 26, that was not revealed prior to that time, was revealed to Michael in the author’s presence. Additionally, we found again later after the fact, upon being out of the Holy Land, while we were there, the 1290th day of Daniel 12:11 was fulfilled. This was 30 days after the finish of the 3 and ½ years or Last Half of the Covenant 70th Week of 42 months or 1260 days, the “time times and the dividing of time” of Daniel 7:24-27 and Daniel 12:7. At that time and on that date of October 19, 1987, the Black Monday Stock Market Crash occurred. We later understood this confiscated the Arab Oil and the Holy Land under the Zionists’ control. At that time, while there in the Holy Land on the shores of the Galilee, we had no relevant understanding of its significance and certainly had nothing to do with this event. We realized its significance later along with the understanding that it was 1290 days from the beginning of Michael’s Ministry or the beginning of the Last Half of the 70th Week of Daniel, March 18, 1984, and 30 days after the day we entered Jerusalem on Elul 25, September 18/19, 1987. Moreover, completing the list of numbered days given to Daniel in Daniel 12, we found, again after the fact, that the 1335 days or December 3, 1987 was the day Michael, accompanied by the author and eye-witness to these events, left Jerusalem and the Holy Land.


1260 Days, 42 Months, 3 and ½ Years

Time Times and the Dividing of Time

Daniel Coordinated with Revelation

Considering ALL the Word on the Subject

To Prove and Verify Proper Interpretation


          It is surely recognized by an easy count of literal days from March 18, 1984, through to and inclusive of September 18, 1987, does NOT equal 1260 days in a natural, day by day count, but certainly IS 42 months and 3 and ½ years exactly. 1260 days is 3 and ½ years of 360 days per full year and 180 days per half year, or 42 months of exactly 30 days each. However, we must remember according to Isaiah 28:7-20 and the fact that the Word of the Lord comes “precept upon precept,… line upon line,… here a little and there a little,…” where unless we are subject to him that is the chief cornerstone with the line and plummet of interpretation, we will follow the rulers of Israel in our analysis and be snared, taken and fall backwards. From Messiah, Michael the Great Prince, according to Daniel 10:21 being that chief cornerstone with proper interpretation, we learn that ALL of the Prophecies must be considered together as a whole to receive proper understanding. A conclusion about Cyrus, King of Persia in Isaiah 45, Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah in Isaiah 22, Zerubbabel in Haggai 2, and Joshua, the son of Josedech in Zechariah 5, in Messianic Prophecies using their names is only understood when we observe ALL THE WORD as to what it says in those portions as compared to the rest of the prophetical record. Such a search proves clearly that they were NOT Messiah, and he was yet to come after those statements and periods of time. It follows as well that the 1260 days, 42 months, 3 and ½ years, “time times and the dividing of time” can cause confusion and misrepresentation when any ‘one’ of these is taken singularly without the consideration of ALL THE WORD. Therefore, if one will read all of the scriptures addressing these timings, he will readily see that in particular the “1260 days” IS the “42 months” and also the 3 and ½ years, as well as the “time times and the dividing of time.” Again, 1290 and 1335 are part of the SAME COUNT and are days. The 1260, as relating to when to fix the 1290 and 1335, is figured from the same date of September 18, 1987 as being the 1260th day, the end of 42 months, end of 3 and ½ years as well as the end of the “time times and the dividing of time.” It is taking “here a little” and “there a little” in the total context that this is proven correct. Those scriptures are as follows which the reader can review in his own verification of this fact. In Daniel they are Daniel 7:24-27 as “time times and a dividing of time,” Daniel 9:24-27 as “in the midst of the Week” of 7 years or 3 and ½ years in actuality, and Daniel 12:7 as “time, times and a half.” In the Book of Revelation they are Revelation 11:2 as “forty and two months,” Revelation 11:3 as “1260 days” referring to two witnesses or the First and Last Ministry of Messiah of 1260 days each, Revelation 11:11 as “3 days and a half” being a day for a year and refers to the First Ministry of Messiah NOT recognized by national Israel as a LIVING fact, but rather as lying dead in the streets of Jerusalem, Revelation 12:6 as “1260 days,” Revelation 12:14 as “time, times and half a time,” and last of all in Revelation 13:5 as “forty and two months.” Seeing that 42 months and 3 and ½ years definitely come to 5-6 pm Jerusalem time, September 18, 1987, when counting from 5-6 pm Jerusalem time, March 18, 1984, the conclusion is obvious when referring to days in the other scriptures addressing this same period. We conclude that we count this same period as 1260 days. It is absolutely imperative to hold this standard for understanding when counting days for the purpose of coming ACCURATELY to the 1290 on October 19, 1987 and 1335 days on December 3, 1987, in reference to the 2300-day countdown. We know that it started simultaneously with the beginning of the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week as we have previously shown in earlier Sections. Therefore again, 42 months, 3 and ½ years and 1260 days, taken together in consideration of all references to this subject, are one and the same time-period running from 5-6 pm Jerusalem time, March 18, 1984 through 5-6 pm Jerusalem time, September 18, 1987.


December 3, 1987, 1335th day

The Blessed One Departs


          Michael was under expectation of being accepted at this time. He came with his wife and the whole family, their children, pets, and all belongings, accompanied by the author as well, all prepared to stay and live in the Holy Land from that time, making what is termed in Hebrew the “aliyah.” In the course of our ministry there, we delivered to the Israeli Knesset or government in Jerusalem, as well as the Rabbinical Council of the College of the Rabbis over Israel in Jerusalem, an extensive audio message with Bible evidence entitled “The Trumpet.” This message declared according to the following, with details augmenting this particular scripture:


          Isaiah 40:1-2

1 Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God,


2 Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned, for she hath received of the Lord’s hand double for all her sins. (“Double” meaning two time-spans of judgment which are 1) the Babylonian Captivity of Leviticus 26:14-17, Jeremiah 25:1-11, and Jeremiah 29:10-14 for 70 years from 607 – 537 BCE, and 2) the Seven Times more from 537 BCE to 1984 CE of Leviticus 25:18-39, Luke 21:24, and Romans 11:25-27.)


          The essence of the rest of the message was that the premature move of Zionism to return to the land was not condoned. It was certainly on an “ox cart.” This was a reference to David bringing back the Ark of the Covenant in an unauthorized manner causing the death of Uzzah according to II Samuel 6 and I Chronicles 13. However, according to Isaiah 40:1-2 just quoted, it was Michael’s directive that this would be overlooked in a spirit of going on from here, if they would accept what Michael had to offer, but they were required to forfeit their dependence upon the nations, and thus accept him as the Messenger of the Covenant of Malachi 3. This message was delivered to the College by the owner of a Jerusalem taxi cab company. His name was Shlomo Dror. He was a direct relative of a man with the same name that sat on the Knesset Council in those days. This message was given to Shlomo Dror on the evening that we entered Jerusalem, September 18, 1987.  Dror’s report back to us came in conversations between him, Michael, and the author on our trip from Jerusalem to the Galilee and Golan, on October 4, 1987, Sunday after Yom Kippour. We were given verification that they received it and found it very interesting. However, that was as far as their response went. We received no invitation, to explain further, nor were we contacted by anyone from that quarter since.


No Questions – No Genuine Interest


          Having been with Michael these many years, the author has come to understand and value his evaluation of any presentation of truth. His standard has always been: “If there are no questions, there is no genuine interest. Never force open any closed doors.” Therefore, we left very disappointed to say the least, whereupon it was revealed to Michael as he stated in the author’s presence upon our leaving the Galilee and the Golan on December 3, 1987, “There will be no blessing until this abomination is removed.” This was in reference to the Zionist State created by a league with foreign powers to try and fulfill the Covenant of God with Israel. In retrospect we concluded, the only way they would have received him would have been as a capping of their Zionist designs, much like a figure head, and not in subjection to being taught and led by the higher authority in Messiah with the Spirit of the Lord to rule as stated in Isaiah 11. As we will now go on to show, the adamant trust in their collective council in league and manipulation of the nations of Revived Rome / UN to do their bidding was solidified in them in the apparent success of Ezekiel 14:1-11 and that delusion given to them by God. However, it was soon proved to be their downfall, again according to Ezekiel 14:1-11, to bring in the Everlasting Kingdom promised all of creation for blessing, so there never would be another departure from the Sovereign relationship with our Creator.


The Messiah Rejected for the Final Time,

The “time times and the dividing of time” Finished,

The Judgment Shall Sit


The Last End of the Indignation Begins


The 5th, 6th, and 7th Trumpets and Plagues

The Last End of the Indignation

From the Book of Revelation in Part


          Daniel ends with the 1335th day, December 3, 1987 and the Blessed One leaving the Zionist State awaiting the judgment to remove the government, the “wicked prince of Israel,” and removal of Zionist control of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple Mount in the Third Overturning of Ezekiel 21:25-27. The Book of Revelation aligns with Daniel at the 1335 days, with the events that proceed to bring that judgment, the Last End of the Indignation, with the 5th Trumpet and Plague in Revelation 9 and 16 respectively, just a few days after that departure of Michael and the author from the Holy Land. We are jumping to this portion of Revelation so that we can bring the reader quickly through Revelation in the following summary focusing his attention, after that summary, on that which is pertinent for the Last End of the Indignation. It is after that judgment and contingent upon it, that the blessing to the world follows. We give exposition from this point as an augmentation to our presentation of the Book of Daniel.


The 2300 Count Terminated at 1335


Matthew 24:22

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.


Mark 13:20

And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.


          Literalism has interpreted these scriptures to simply mean that the time of trouble would be shortened to eliminate physical extinction. In support of that conclusion, many use the other details that Messiah gives in this answer to his disciples when asked about the end of the age and the establishment of the Kingdom. However, simple detail about the time of trouble is not the basis from which Jesus was speaking. We must remember that he, and his Apostles after him, taught and spoke from the Law and the Prophets. Jesus, being also Michael the Great Prince, WAS authorized to speak specifically from the Book of Daniel. Now if we check this answer to his disciples closely, we will see this is primarily from where he was speaking. In particular, he mentions “…spoken of by Daniel the Prophet…” in Matthew 24:15-22 when referring to “…great tribulation, such as never was.”  This, within itself, is another objection to Preterism which, with many of that persuasion, insists that the tribulation of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 was 70 CE. Note that Daniel 12:1-4 is the exact statement of the tribulation and with that tribulation we have the Resurrection. Now if Preterists can show the Final Resurrection occurred 70 CE, one could entertain that the horrendous, physical horror of that destruction fulfilled Daniel 12 and the tribulation such as “never was since there was a nation.” If not, and they cannot, then we conclude 70 CE did not fulfill that to which Jesus was referring in the ‘totality’ of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.


          Therefore, in consulting the Book of Daniel, Jesus was clear that the 1290 and 1335 days were part of the 2300 count of days given to Daniel in Daniel 8:13-14. He references the 1290 days in stating that they should “flee” when they saw “the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, standing in the holy place.” This is Daniel 12:11. Moving forward from there in his answer he references Daniel 12:12 in Matthew 24:22 quoted above.  In seeing that there is blessing at 1335 days, he states “…for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”


Obvious Conclusion


          If the full 2300 countdown would have finished, “…there would be no flesh saved.”  Finding no repentance or understanding of God’s truth in the Zionist State professing to be the Israel of God, the one with the blessing, the firstborn of the elect, whereby others are also born or raised to life by hearing his Voice according to John 5:24-29, Michael the Great Prince, along with the author, left December 3, 1987 on the 1335th day, aborting, terminating, or shortening the 2300-day count. If it would have continued, as if God had no solution in His great plan to reveal, there would have been no understanding given and Israel and the world would go into outer darkness forever!!! This “… there would be no flesh saved,” has nothing at all to do with the extinction of physical humans on the earth by the tribulation being so intense it would lead to annihilation. It DOES have to do with “what life really is,” which is our link with God, and having His mindset put within us by hearing His Voice in Messiah and rising from spiritual death to spiritual life in full understanding of truth. At this time of the Second Ministry of Messiah during the Last Half of the 70th Week of which the author is witness, there was no ability in Israel as a physical people claiming statehood in any capacity to perceive Messiah’s voice or understanding of truth. The salvation of “flesh” to which Jesus was referring is about the reproduction of Sons of God, in His image and His likeness. It is not about our bestial existence and physical sustenance, or any ability to remain as the bestial, human race. It IS about rising, from the status of a beast that perishes without understanding according to Psalms 49:20, to being Sons of the Highest with real life via the understanding of God. This is the “power of the holy people” referenced in verse 7 of Daniel 12. If the count would have continued without the shortening at 1335 days of Daniel 12:12, the text from which Jesus was answering his disciples, intervening with a higher purpose and spiritual life in view, there would be no Sons of God, no flesh entering or maturing into the same mindset and understanding that Messiah indeed possessed, in order to become God’s image and likeness FULLY, even as Messiah IS!!! That understanding must be presented outside of, and contingent upon, the fulfillment of the Covenant of God, qualified under the Law of Moses within the 70 Weeks of Daniel 9, returning mankind to the faith of Abraham in full maturity that will bring the sons of Adam to their position as manifest Sons in God’s image. It is this goal accomplished in each individual that is the “salvation of all flesh.”


The Seven Seals – Trumpets - Plagues


Let us now proceed to what is pertinent to the blessing after the 1335 days, as well as the judgment to bring the entire world to that blessing in due time that intervened after that day when the blessed one left, which shortened or terminated the count at 1335, December 3, 1987. As we approach that understanding, we here first bring the aforementioned summary of the Book of Revelation leading to that explanation. We also state that from this 1335th day, a sequence of revelations and events with Messiah and Israel in their condition at that time, respectively, began to transpire to drive and prepare Israel to receive Messiah and truth. Not being in that prepared state to receive Messiah as we have witnessed above within the Covenant 70th Week of Daniel and the consequent Holy Days of that fall in 1987, the condition and fallow ground to receive him and his message began to be plowed and prepared via the transition as of December 3, 1987. From that strategic timing marker given to the Prophet Daniel, Israel, per God’s preordained plan and will, entered the sequence of events beginning with the 5th Trumpet of Revelation 9 and the 5th Plague of Revelation 16. We will here bring the past, the First Half of Daniel’s 70th Week and everything associated with its fulfillment into perspective with this Last Half and final Ministry of Messiah that terminated the Covenant of God with Israel under the Law of Moses leaving only their relationship to God under the original Covenant of God with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


We will reveal how it is the First Ministry ending under the Apostles in 70 CE at that time that the first four Trumpets and Plagues of Revelation 8 and Revelation 16 sounded or were poured out respectively. We will then join it to the current events over that last few decades occurring consequent upon the fulfillment of the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week, thus taking us beyond the fulfilled and completed 70th Week into the End Time. We will show that it is here, even as the first four Trumpets and Plagues are understood from the First Ministry of Messiah, the 5th – 7th are understood from the Last Ministry of Messiah. However, initiatory and paramount before we enter that exposure, we will reveal as given to the author by Michael, the Seven Seals opened, disclosing what is behind them and sealed away from all except those to whom it is given to understand, the Sons of God. We will show what was revealed behind these seals both at the time of the First Resurrection under the Ministry of Messiah, Jesus Christ and then the Second Resurrection under Messiah, Jesus Christ returning under his new name, “Michael the Great Prince.” Additionally, the reason the count of the 2300 was shortened at 1335 days will become clearer as well, removing Messiah and the blessing from Israel and Jerusalem. We will see later this was so that the judgment against Israel to bring them to repentance could commence in the 5th Trumpet Plague, just days after Messiah left.


Revelation 1-3


          The first five chapters of Revelation deal with John’s consternation and the fact that, as Michael appeared to Daniel with answers in visions and ambiguous terms that required Michael’s interpretation, reserving understanding until the end time, so John is given the same in signs and symbols or metaphors, sealing the message for only one to properly interpret, which is the one that gave that message initially. In comparing the description of the appearance of Christ to John in Revelation 1:12-16, with the description of Michael in Revelation 10:1-7, and then Daniel 12:1-7, we can see it is the same personage of Messiah, the Anointed Chief Messenger or Archangel that spoke to both of these men. The two men, Daniel and John, are represented in the vision of Daniel in Daniel 12:5-6, one on one side of the Ministry of Messiah in 26-30 CE and other on the side of the Ministry of Messiah in 1984 -1987, the river being the living water that shall go forth from Jerusalem of Zechariah 14:8, symbolic of the message of THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL available contingent upon the two Ministries of Messiah.


A Failing Report Card


In Revelation 2 and 3 we have the report card from Messiah as to the condition of the profession of faith serving Messiah in the called-out company of Jews and Gentiles into one body, the “ecclesia,” commonly called “the church,” claiming access via Messiah and the Spirit or Mindset of God in him to God as Father, between the First and Last Ministries of Messiah. We have shown how this is a part of the fulfillment of the Law of Moses in Leviticus 23, and specifically verse 22. Here the strangers and the poor, described as without hope and God in the world in Ephesians 2:11-22, are given access to the same Promise of the Holy Spirit or the mindset of God being also in them, via Israel’s rejection of Messiah opening this door to them between the First set of Holy Days, in the spring of Leviticus 23:1-21 and Last set of Holy Days in the fall of Leviticus 23:23-44, as fulfilled in the First and Last of Daniel’s 70th Week confirmed by Messiah to Israel. Paul also conveys in Romans 9-11, the important point which many in Christendom have missed, that this door closes for the Gentiles when Israel is picked back up for the finish of the fall Holy Days and completion of the 70th Week of Daniel 9 in that final 3 and ½ years. We also made it very clear that very few entered that door between the First and Last Ministry of Messiah to, additionally, go on to completion as seen in the Book of Hebrews, receiving that fullness called “entering the Holy of Holiest in Heaven,” even as Paul and the other Apostles so entered with Christ. As a result of that limited entrance into the door of the sheepfold, this profession, as depicted in the Seven Churches, shows departure. This ranges from leaving their first love in Ephesus and ends in a lukewarm, nauseous company of know-it-alls, who know nothing as they should in Laodicea. With various conditions in between, this was the representation of the profession of Christianity by 100 CE, the approximate time the last of the Apostles, John, passed from the physical scene.  As we have pointed out before, they remained under blood atonement, forgiveness, yet still were sinners awaiting the return of Messiah to not only restore that from which they departed, but to finish his ministry to Israel proper and bring in the Everlasting Kingdom, doing away with sin and iniquity altogether.


Seven Church Eras Are Not Depicted in Revelation

It Is Rather the Final Condition of the Church

By the Time of John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ


Certain groups in Christianity have interpreted Revelation 2 and 3 to be a prophetical record of time from 70 CE to the end time within itself. Using colored charts containing their entire view of the Bible much like study Bibles with arranged progressions from certain schools of thought, their appeal to other Christians to join them comes from their accenting these scriptures with a version of interpretation that fixes approximate dates for each of the seven divisions or eras. Some groups even mark out personages in history since the Apostles that are the messenger to each era of time as they breakdown Revelation 2 and 3 into Seven Church “Ages.” One will notice that such presentations end with THEIR particular group and movement being Philadelphia in structure, which they contend runs from about 1800 CE on. They harp on their movement being the epitome of a restoration to truth back to apostolic times. Marking the Church of Thyatira as a full-blown takeover of Roman Catholicism, they then start with the Sardis church as being the time of Martin Luther in the 1500s. It then moves into the early fathers of THEIR particular movement in the 17-1800s as being Philadelphia. They bring it down today to the condition of Laodicea being the general profession of Christendom at large, with their group or sect being the true remnant out of Philadelphia awaiting Christ’s return. Such renditions are false, but very convincing and appealing by the private interpretation placed upon them by the leaders and so-called scholars of such movements. Some skillfully interweave much intelligence about the history of religious movements coming from Europe to form the United States in a quest for freedom of religion.


The Truth of the Matter


The real limit of what has been recovered, as we stated earlier, is the more available resources to the original texts of the Bible and further translations. That is all. Those not having the plummet and line of proper measure, given only to Michael the Great Prince, have divided into more and more divisions making these claims of being the restored remnant producing more and more commentaries. They are all in belief of self-determination, freewill, and choice at some level with Calvinism as an exception that is still far from the mark by adding the same doctrines to their ranks that are held in freewill arenas. They even go so far as to say that God ordains a man to go to hell and suffer for eternity as part of His purpose. In short and to the point, they all are a part of the Babylon of the Last Days that has fallen into total decay and must be abandoned along with ANY of their interpretations of ANYTHING and especially the Bible, and even more particularly Daniel and Revelation.


Bottomed Out by Around 100 CE


The progression downward and away from Apostolic Truth occurred during the lifetime of the Apostles, well witnessed in their letters in such scriptures as II Corinthians 11, all of Galatians, II Timothy 2-4, II Peter 2 and Jude and prophesied beforehand by Jesus in Matthew 13:36-40. John finishes this witness in the Epistles of John stating that many antichrists had come by 100 CE. Again, Revelation 2 and 3 is the final report card at that time given to John.


A Logical Question with an Obvious Answer


The reader need only ask one logical question: If this was the condition when some of the Apostles were alive and present, what is it now??? Although we do not concur with any group being a restoration as we have made clear, nor is Revelation 2 and 3 a prophetical record of church eras of time, we do hardily agree the Laodicea characterization is the most relevant and spot on in its depiction of the profession of Christendom at the end time now upon us.


Like Israel, the Same Can be Said of Christianity


          As one reads and scrutinizes the history of the Children of Israel, from the time they left Egypt under Moses and entered the Land of Canaan under Joshua, we can see very clearly how that the original zeal of that first espousal to God, in the Exodus and then entry to conquer Canaan, soon decayed. After the death of Joshua and those that saw the mighty works and experienced the movement of Israel through the history of that time, it quickly fell into disarray with everyone doing that which was right in their own eyes in the Book of Judges. Later it came to a formal establishment under David and Solomon which also fell apart when Jeroboam and the 10 tribes split from Judah and Benjamin. From there the 10 went into exile in 721 BCE and soon Judah and Benjamin went to Babylon in judgment for their departure from God and failure to heed Jeremiah and Ezekiel.


Notice the Parallel in Christendom


          After Jesus and those that saw his ministry, the Apostles, physically passed or died, the testimony of Christianity went into a condition where everyone did what was right in their own eyes via many private interpretations as well. It soon came to a formal institution under Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church. From here it likewise fell apart when Luther departed with the first seeds of Protestantism and others followed to where the majority of Christendom is lost among the various “isms” and “schisms” we see today. By now Catholicism and Protestantism have all gone into captivity to the doctrine of self-determination, freewill, and choice, lost in the spiritual Babylon of religious confusion we see on almost every street corner. It is time for this to be removed entirely, and the truth, as given by Messiah THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, established.


Revelation 4 – 8


          We have here the coming of Messiah and his appearing presented, starting with the opening of the Sealed Book of Redemption comparing to the Book sealed in Daniel 12:4. Here again in repetition of Daniel 10:21, stating only Michael held with Daniel for proper interpretation of what he told Daniel, we see it is the same personage represented as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and the Lamb once slain, that prevails to open the Book of Redemption. The Seals on the Book being opened in Chapter 6 reveals, in that removal, the truth that brings the FULL Redemption. A seal keeps one away from what is behind it. Once it is removed the contents are plain to see and be appreciated. The truth is what sets one free. Therefore, the releasing or opening of a seal exposes a truth which counters what has been previously accepted as truth exposing it to be a lie. In that way, we can understand that it is the lies that have SEALED US AWAY from the truth. Removing the lie and exposing the truth is one act or a door that swings both ways.


Being “in Christ” or In Messiah or In the Anointing


In that truth, called the Anointing or being “in Christ” or in the know of how God views His creation and all He has done, there is no special privilege or access granted by gender, race, religion of the past and its claims whether it is Jewish in origin or Gentile, somewhat enlightened or heathen to the core, it matters not. Once one accepts the Anointing, and NOT JUST THE ANOINTED, the individual accepting same enters the understanding of truth and is therefore “in Christ” as one body, by the Holy Spirit which is the Mind of Christ, viewing and knowing as Christ personally views and knows, having Christ in us, the Anointing in us, the clear understanding that Christ also has in himself, then placed in us. The major error over the centuries is the claim of having this mindset of full truth that fully delivers in Christ, simply on the basis of believing that Jesus was the Messiah and that he died for one’s sins, and we are forgiven, some mandating water baptism with that formula, etc. This is shortsighted and gross error in that it blinds one to the truth. In believing one has arrived at the top of a ladder while standing on the 3rd rung of a 12-rung ladder, does not make it so. One is “in Christ” only partially through the Age of Grace awaiting to arrive to the 12th rung on the ladder and then stepping off the ladder altogether onto a finished product when Christ returns.


The Keys to the Kingdom

First to Peter and the Apostles

Then only through them to others


Again, the Apostles had that Mind of Christ in them, and it was given to others BY THEM for a brief period called the First Resurrection as given in John 5:24-25 and Ephesians 2:1-10. Since then as depicted in the departure of Revelation 2 and 3, all remain without the FULLNESS of the Holy Spirit. As stated in another metaphor from Hebrews earlier, we are waiting outside of the Holy of Holies, under blood atonement, confession of sin, and still sinning but being forgiven and covered.  When Christ appears the Second Time, to which Paul and the Apostles pointed the believers, we will know as we are known, sin will be removed, and the Everlasting Kingdom will be established in manifestation preaching THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL. This is what this publication is presenting - the Second Coming and that Message, contingent upon Israel’s national repentance and establishment of proper government in fulfillment of Ezekiel 21:24-27. Like we stated earlier in the preface, no one will give this publication PROPER credence, and it is unlikely anyone will proceed in reading to this point, until that event.


The Opening of the First Seal

By Michael unto the Author


The First and Greatest Commandment


Positively and then Negatively Stated


          Deuteronomy 6:4-5

          4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord:


5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.


          Exodus 20:3-5a

          3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.


4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.


5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them:


Bringing these verses together properly understood, we have the foundation of truth, solid and unshakeable, from which one is born again IN TRUTH. A misrepresentation of these verses will lead to a false birth, being born again into a lie, when misinterpreted or misunderstood in the unenlightened voice and handling of those that are unauthorized to so disseminate proper understanding. Many have wondered just what God means in stating that “the Law is written upon the heart.” This mystery is solved in proper understanding. When one understands, for example the power and purpose of fire, he then automatically as part of his natural maturity as an adult, handles, uses, and teaches those younger in that proper use of fire. It becomes part of one’s psyche thus “written upon the heart.” It is not a magical impartation of some mystic design. It is rather a clear understanding that is given replacing a false, shortsighted, and unintelligible explanation that has been misleading causing the real truth of the matter to be misunderstood. When proper guidance and teaching comes, it reveals that truth, plain and clear, thus affixing it within our natural make up and psyche, therefore “writing it upon the heart.”


Proverbs 1:7a and 3:5-6

7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.


3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.


6 In ALL THY WAYS acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


          Now the reader could read Deuteronomy and these verses a million times and never put them together to get behind the First Seal. The reason? He is reading them while still in the understanding of self-determination, freewill, and one’s own choice of direction which IS the First Seal, and therefore lie, blocking the way to truth.  If it is said that these verses cannot be accomplished by practiced devotion, one would probably object if he is very religious. How about if the reader is told they are already true of him in one sense of the word, but he needs a revelation that will open his eyes to see it??? That revelation is what is behind the First Seal. Here it is:


          The false view or illusion of self-determination, freewill and choice, imbibed by Adam and disseminated to humanity ever since, taught to us from our natural and physical birth (born of water), is the First Seal keeping one away from the truth of eternal life. The removal of the First Seal reveals that God is Sovereign and controls ALL things and not just allowing some things while doing others. In the value of the opened First Seal, we understand by exposure, the error, illusion, and lie of self-determination, freewill, and choice, a doctrine that is impotent to reveal God and true deliverance, but formidable in appearance. It makes man his own god, deciding by his own standard and puts God outside of His creation looking in. This is an illusion that remains until it is removed in the opening of the First Seal to understand God’s meticulous puppet strings on all things, every decision and apparent choice, every atom of the universe, indeed ALL THINGS. On this foundation and only on this foundation can we begin to ask “why,” “how,” “when” and receive proper understanding that, as we gave above, can be written within our very being, or on our heart, bringing all around us, even ourselves, into proper perspective. That foundation, which is exactly what Paul means when he says “foundation” being Christ or “the anointing,” is the beginning of true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. When off that foundation, we receive answers that are short of truth and end exactly as Israel in unbelief and operation according to Ezekiel 14:1-11, a delusion that must come crashing down so that we may be born anew in a proper spiritual birth and grow accordingly (born of Spirit).


          Probably the easiest verse to interpret for clear understanding is: Thou shalt have no other gods before me (the One True God). The main god before God in all our minds from our natural birth is that WE are doing, while God is doing SEPARATELY. If our actions line up with what we determine is good behavior we believe our devotion and restraint, etc. has accomplished this. Well, guess what??? God did it!!! If our actions do not line up with what we determine is good behavior, we believe we have failed and need forgiveness.  Well guess what again??? God did it!!! In short, if we think anything operates on its own, once set in motion by the big bang or whatever, even that little itch on the back of your neck or that hair laying on the bathroom sink, WE ARE IN IDOLATRY AND HAVE ANOTHER GOD BEFORE US, CHIEFLY THE ONE WE SEE IN THE MIRROR. Everything, the most adored and revered of lofty acts and thoughts, as well as the grossest and most perverted evil and all manners of horrendous things are God manifested in time and space per His purpose and are perfect in their category for His purpose. If one does not accept that fact as the First Principle of Understanding or TRUE knowledge, he does not fear the Lord, he does not have the beginning of knowledge PROPERLY. The fear of the Lord - the beginning - is to acknowledge God in all our ways, not limiting the word “ways” to actions, but in all things period.  This is the truth behind the First Seal removing the lie that we control by self or freewill, etc.


Here is John 5:24 and 25 Properly Interpreted


          John 5:24-25

24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that hears my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.


25 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.


The reader is hearing that voice via Michael’s record, recorded here by the author of these pages, right now or if we were to speak it verbally, he would hear the words articulated. However, does he have ears to hear REALLY, that is . . . by accepting it as true, in other words . . . spiritual ears. If he does, then he, by that hearing, believes on God who sent the Messenger Christ with this message, and he has everlasting life. It is impossible to reject truth for the preordained believer, it is his inheritance now revealed. To believe on God must be the same as in the Law and the Prophets, and not just what one may have been told up until now. To believe God is to believe as Abraham who believed God and that was his righteousness. This means to accept that God is in us to do and will His good pleasure, always was, always is, and always will be. IT IS JUST THE TIME NOW, NOW, NOW . . . FOR US TO COME TO THAT ENLIGHTENMENT.


THIS IS THE HOUR that Christ said was coming, as he additionally says, “and now is,” meaning for a brief time through him and the Apostles, prior to the message being defiled by the false apostles. A remnant, at the time of Christ and the Apostles’ Ministry, heard truth and rose from the dead. They arose from being dead in their illusion of self-determination, deciding (or so they thought) their own destiny. They came alive before God to know that in Him they live and move and have their being. From that point, one is born again of the Spirit and begins to grow in the knowledge of the Anointing or in the knowledge of Christ. The truth is there eternally; it is with us in our existence or natural birth (born of water), but we do not know what is already true until we hear the Voice in more than the articulation of words or print on a page. It is that “further” hearing or spiritual hearing with ears of understanding which is our spiritual birth (born of the Spirit / born of God).


This is the truth behind the First Seal, kept away from the public, except for the brief time under the Apostles in the First Resurrection. That truth is declared again through Christ, Michael, the Chief Messenger or Great Prince as foretold to Daniel that would bring deliverance and the Final Resurrection as stated in Daniel 12:1-4.


In the Light of FULL Truth

There Is NO Evil, It Is Categorized

Appropriately as Immaturity


In this truth, there is no evil. It is only immaturity and lack of understanding in life’s training ground.  Remember we said the last 6000 years were a record of what existence would be if God remained understood only or solely under self-determination and freewill, with Him being outside looking into His creation. Therefore, the training ground is a seeming disaster at this point; yet, in reality, it is only a series of challenges and obstacles over which we will rise and conquer, but only from the right foundation. Here we apply discipline by seeing it is lack of growth and understanding and not direct evil. Once we accept the truth behind the First Seal as our foundation we then come to the prime challenge, in this proper view:  Our neighbor.


The Opening of the Second Seal

By Michael unto the Author


The Second Great Commandment


          Leviticus 19:18

18 … thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the Lord.


          This is impossible unless we have the right opinion of ourselves in relation to God which can only be within the truth behind the First Seal. Many of us have quoted this truth behind the First Seal in Psalms 100 but have limited it to creatorial origin.


          Psalms 100

          1 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.


2 Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.


3 KNOW YE THAT THE LORD HE IS GOD: IT IS HE THAT HATH MADE US, AND NOT WE OURSELVES; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.


4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.


5 For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endures to all generations.


Full truth reveals God made us as to EVERY detail in our past, our present, and our future. Our next breath or if a hair on our head falls or a cell on the bottom or our foot dies, it is not only with God’s knowledge but by His Predetermined Will. Past tense, just as a book is finished and while we read, it seems to be transpiring before our eyes, it is however, already over with “The End” plainly on the last page. Prophecy proves that this is the case with God and His creation. It is only to us, within our finite five senses, that it SEEMS to be transpiring as we live it.


The Second Seal away from truth is to be under the illusion that those that differ from us are our enemy. Behind the Second Seal in value of the First, we understand that God is IN our neighbor, in that sense, as in us; we and they are a projection and part of GOD; we always were, always are and always will be. This is the truth we perceive once opening the Second Seal. God is as much in our neighbor, what he believes or does not believe, does or does not do, as God is also in us. The Second Seal being unopened to us generates hate, deceit, fear, murder, adultery, theft, wars, etc. thus taking peace from the earth. The sword in the hand is symbolic of knowledge short of FULL truth that one will use to cut others off, while thinking we are right and just, to accuse our neighbor. This is chiefly seen in the differences between Jews and Christians and Muslims, some minor factions in each being more radical in action than others. One of the principle swords wielded in this slaughter is the Inspired Text itself, within these various groups, used to kill, or prevent people from seeing the truth by a false message declared as indeed being truth propounded from its misinterpreted pages. Once we see behind the First Seal the next one opens as well, revealing God in your neighbor where the goal, as we grow and understand from that point, is to treat him and all things, extending to animals or pets and the environment, etc., for they are our neighbors too, with the respect that we would want applied to ourselves.


Leading Onward and Upward

Not Looking upon Others in

A Condescending Manner


When dealing with others that are still under self-determination and freewill, we must try and lead onward and upward, and not look down our noses at what we may think is the ignorant and unlearned. Remember God is in that individual to will and do His good pleasure just as much as, and no less than, He is in us. We present truth as we are doing here. If God does not have the individual according to God’s Plan at the point to receive it, we must leave that seed thought and move on in our relationship without beating someone into submission by our vast Bible knowledge or better presentation, etc. Remember Michael’s Standard: “no questions - no genuine interest.” As we may have a skill in mechanics and try to explain something to a person unskilled in mechanics of an automobile for example, they may listen politely for a while. This is no indication of genuine interest so that one may follow with the theory behind combustion in the engine chamber or other facets of auto operation. However, if they ask questions that require further information and learning, then one may conclude that he should continue the education process. Again, we must keep in mind God has preordained all things and is just as much in one believing and following on as He is in one rejecting or being disinterested.


The Third Seal Opened

By Michael to the Author


The Third Seal upon the truth is the falsely anointed messengers that believe they have the calling to preach and lord over the body of profession, receiving payment as the clergy to do so. Within Christian ranks, they peddle their message based upon the First Ministry of Messiah and the fulfillment of the spring Holy Days symbolized by the products of the spring harvest of “wheat and barley.” They ‘say’ that Jesus is indeed the Messiah, or the Christ, and then qualify that message via their false understanding. Again, that message retains the doctrine composing the First Seal away from truth, that of self-determination, freewill, and choice. They wield the sword of the Bible, further dividing the people against one another while preaching “peace, peace, when there is no peace.” However, their message being off the foundation from the beginning, the real message of truth in the Last and fall Ministry of Messiah, represented by the “oil and wine,” products of the fall harvest, is not hurt by their pseudo-message. The Oil and Wine of truth are reserved to be heard in THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL bringing the Final or Second Resurrection and FULL Redemption, after the Last Ministry of Messiah fulfilling the fall Holy Days, and duties of the High Priest, not fulfilled in the First Ministry. That message is what the reader is now hearing as it applies to the Seals in Revelation 6.


Once the Third Seal is removed, we see the truth is without money and without price as stated in Isaiah 55:1-3 and Revelation 22:17. The moment one sees money applied, or one is told to sow a seed of some amount to receive God’s blessing and so forth, he immediately marks it as one of those messages from a messenger sealed away from truth by the Seven Seals unopened to him. From there, if one listens to their message they will hear the Fourth Seal away from truth.


The Fourth Seal Opened

By Michael unto the Author


          As we have had the messengers of death in the Third Seal, we have the Message of Death in the Fourth Seal that keeps one away from the truth. It is their view, what they really believe, part of the strong delusion to believe a lie as Apostle Paul states in II Thessalonians 2. Their view is the pseudo-understanding of the First Seal away from truth. This is the foundation from which they declare their message. Many openly say God is not the Puppet Master, and we have freewill and must make the right decision per our choice of self-determination with God only controlling the broader parameters. Sound familiar???


And Hell Follows with It


Along with this message of death comes HELL.  Hell is the existence based upon the message of death. It is the uncertainty that follows with it, believing in many superstitions, the predominant ones being interpreted out of the New Testament without researching what the author of that particular epistle / letter, or in John’s case here in Revelation, is referring to, from the Law and the Prophets from Genesis to Malachi. The false messengers, or Satan’s angels, express their understanding as being the truth and life, but it is a fantasy, and therefore a lie and “death” yet called, “being in Christ.” Another culprit in this manner of interpretation, other than the forsaking of the Old Testament to verify what is interpreted from the New, is “literalism.” Rather than seeing the metaphoric and symbolic nature of most of the scripture requiring careful consideration of ALL OF THE WORD and proper interpretation, they take it loosely and literally. A prime example is Jesus statements concerning eating his flesh and drinking his blood in John 6, which they say is the body and blood of Christ literally when blest by a priest that gives life by a literal consumption thereof. They do not view this as being symbolic of the same thing Paul is saying in Galatians 2:20 and Philippians 2:5-8, assimilating or having Christ in you by understanding and his mindset. We trust the reader gets the point here as we move on.


The opened Fourth Seal reveals the tools used by the false messengers exposed in the opening of the Third Seal. The killing with the sword, hunger, death, and beasts of the earth are these tools realized practically as follows:


Killing with the Sword


In propagating a false interpretation of the Bible as the truth and life which is actually a lie and death, they are spiritually separating us from God, thus killing with the sword of the Word of God (Hebrews 4:12).


Killing with Hunger


The killing with hunger is accomplished by creating through fantasy, a false fear or need for what the messengers of death are promoting as the solution. This can go from fear of hellfire for which they offer salvation through their doctrine, to investing in their projects with your money so you can get a big financial gain yourself, where the preacher and some of his closest associates use their prosperity in big houses and cars etc. making the parishioners feel the need or hunger for their authority over them to likewise receive such. It is designated in the Bible as “teaching gain is godliness,” specifically I Timothy 6, and termed by many in more modern times as the “Prosperity Gospel.”  


Killing with Death


Killing with death is putting one on a false foundation of life which is really death, claiming they know and can lead them to God while they are promoting the doctrine of death which is self-determination and freewill, denying God’s Sovereignty. It is this same denial and action accordingly that killed Adam when he died spiritually and was separated from God and true life in the first place. We will find, in particular, that in addressing the 5th Trumpet / Plague in Revelation 9, there are those that seek death and death flees from them. This is strange language if one stays with a literal connotation, but it is understood spiritually within this same use of which we are speaking here. They look to that false understanding that they believe to be life and truth which is really death, and when it fails to continue to bring answers and the associated peace that it apparently gave in the successful part of Ezekiel 14:1-11 as we have pointed out, those answers and peace flee and are not found in that understanding any longer. However, although it will no longer give an answer, this ultimately is positive in that it leaves them to seek truth and life indeed from a different and the proper source once this false source has failed.


Killing with the Beasts of the Earth


Finally, they kill with the beasts of the earth. This is understood by consulting once again the Law and the Prophets.


Psalms 49:20

Man that is in honor, and understand not, is as the beasts that perish.


Those in honor among the preachers of death are their predecessors and revered piers to which they give homage and respect over them, even as they, themselves, are in authority over the people. These are the so-called scholars revered as authorities that understand neither what they say and so strenuously affirm, yet propagate their expertise, concerning the “earth” or what has transpired in the Land of Abraham and the Bible record concerning Messiah’s First Ministry as well as the history before that. This is readily seen in the commentaries and works retained from the past written by these beasts of the earth, so-called scholars, and being generated daily that are carried on the shelves of seminaries as text books on the meaning of the Bible. Putting the more serious of their flocks with their noses in these past works from scholarly beasts that understand not, they and their congregations perish in such teachings, spiritually separated from God and truth, killed by the “beasts of the earth,” those in authority over them claiming the right to teach. These are the promotion of spiritual death, claiming it is the life of the Bible, leaving the followers in the uncertain hell of lack of understanding and lack of true confidence in the proper knowledge of God which is REALLY life.   


Three and Four Revealed by One and Two


Behind the Third and Fourth Seal opened unto us, we have the truth of the First Two Seals, which is the Oil and the Wine now available through the Everlasting Gospel, exposing the false messengers and the false message respectively.


Summary of the First Four Seals


          In summary, the First Seal away for truth is the illusion and false perception that God operates only as the Grand Officiator of all things yet remains detached leaving us to operate as free moral agents separate from Him within His greater control and parameters. This hides the truth that God is doing all things, even what we perceive as good or evil as stated in Isaiah 45:6-7, all being good in that it serves His purpose.


          Isaiah 45:6-7

6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else.


7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.


Every atom or molecule in existence and their movement ever so slight is preordained and already determined. Accordingly, all beliefs we are given that are dead and wrong are also given by God, where we remain sealed away from full truth until we pass from death unto life by hearing full truth and rising to life within that truth declared by the Messiah. This delivering truth that gives life is declared in this publication in detail, and primarily and concisely in the first link on this website entitled:  THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL and augmented by the second link in a scientific approach entitled: PHYSICS OF THE UNIVERSE, AN INTRODUCTION TO GOD.


          The Second Seal away from truth is the illusion and false perception that our neighbor is the problem and the enemy of God and our enemy as well. This perception is but the second aspect of the first seal. The truth this second seal blocks is that our neighbor is simply as ourselves - God acting in a body of flesh just as He is in us.


          The Third Seal away from truth is the illusion and false perception that the messengers, with Bible in hand declaring that Jesus is the Christ, are declaring real salvation and truth. The truth this third seal blocks is that they are false and unauthorized messengers promoting the false illusion of the First Seal that we have freewill and decide our own destiny within God’s greater control. They demand a price of tithes and offerings, money if you will. If not that, they certainly demand your allegiance and subservient following and commitment to their message, organization, etc. which eventually comes down to money in most instances.


          The Fourth Seal away from truth is the illusion and false perception that the message of the false messengers is the real truth and deliverance when it is a lie and death. Our confidence, and relationship with God, remains always in question leaving us in hell or leaving us without trust in God, but rather in ourselves and the false, uncertain remedies the false messengers bring to solve the very dilemma and uncertainty they create by their doctrine to start with.


We All Await Messiah Again


          As we go on to show later in this Section X, the first four seals opened is what was given in the First Resurrection under the title “the Holy Spirit” or insight or mindset of God put within the Apostles and those that entered FULLY into Heavenly Holy of Holies thus being taught clear truth without the defilement of the false apostles’ message. The false apostles’ message soon won the day by Divine Design leaving all under a child’s perception until the Second and Full Final Resurrection as presented in Daniel 12:1-7 and John 5:28-29.


The Fifth Seal Opened

By Michael unto the Author


Timing Is Everything


          Behind the Fifth Seal, when it is opened unto us, we have the time of deliverance or the time, for the Second Coming in secret, revealed. That particular time is spring, March 18, 1984 as given at the beginning of this Section X, with Messiah actually in Israel to deal with them privately in the fall of 1987, September 18 as given with details above. The group presented behind the 5th Seal, which is looking for deliverance and vengeance is the Jews that have not seen Messiah’s Ministry at all but were blinded to it and thus rejected Christ. They are presented as souls “under the altar . . . slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held,” showing that they were those under adherence to the Law of Moses without the atonement through Jesus Christ. As we have mentioned and will now expound further, Leviticus 26:19 shows that particular part, of the curse on Israel starting in spring of 537 BCE called the Times of the Gentiles or the “Seven Times more judgment” of Leviticus 26:18. This mandated that their heaven, or understanding and link with God, would be as “iron.” Therefore, they had no proper understanding except for the remnant, as we also brought out earlier, that went on to receive Messiah and became then Christians, no longer under the altar or atonement through the Law of Moses. The rest of national Israel, blinded according to Romans 9-11, have waited for the manifestation of Messiah and the Redemption outside of any knowledge of any TRUE fulfillment in Jesus Christ. They wait for this deliverance expressed as “vengeance” against those that dwell on the earth, the Holy Land, without authority as far as they are concerned, the Gentile intrusion and rule over them, in the Land between the rivers of Euphrates and Nile and in Jerusalem in particular, as they await their release from the curse of Leviticus 26:18 at a time undisclosed and unknown at the point of this Fifth Seal declaration given to John in 100 CE. Once more, this is covered extensively in Romans 9-11, by the Apostle Paul who states and summarizes his point in:


          Romans 11:25-27

25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in.


26 And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:


27 For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.


          Jesus said to his disciples that:


          Luke 21:24

24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, UNTIL the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.


So, we comprehend that the company under the altar awaiting deliverance, which they conclude as also vengeance against those who dwell on the earth between the rivers Nile and Euphrates, or have rule over them, are told to wait until their brethren are slain such as they were also slain. This excludes Christians entirely who, under the teaching of Christ, were told to turn the other cheek and not take vengeance. This is strictly a company of Israel, Jews through and through. They are given a white robe as their justification before God to be in the condition they are and asking for what they see is their right under the Land Covenant of God with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the promise of Deliverance accordingly. They are waiting for what appears to be a prolonged end to their judgment. They are told that they must wait for the other brethren to be slain even as they were.


Slain in What Manner?


Now this slaying is in being cut off from Jerusalem and their link with God, and left under Gentile domination, as had occurred in 70 CE. Like most of the Bible, it is referring to a spiritual meaning and interpretation and NOT one of a literal and physical origin.  This occurred in 586 BCE, and then again in 70 CE. They await the THIRD overturning now present that will threaten to cut off the hopes of Israel again according to their understanding of their link with God, through the Holy Mount and Jerusalem. Once that occurs, then national Israel will be in the right condition to receive deliverance as a result of this slaying, and having their views, beliefs, and aspirations wrapped up in the Zionist State up to that point, on the verge of being dashed and crushed for the THIRD time. Upon that action bringing them to this brink of third disaster, the deliverance will come as promised in “he who’s right it is,” finishing their slaying and bring them to resurrection unto life in Messiah and his proper government of the nation of Israel for their blessing and eventually the world. Those slain in this manner are all Jews under threat of being cut off in the manner that only they understand, being without Jerusalem and the Holy Mount according to Psalms 122, Psalms 137, II Chronicles 3:1-2, II Chronicles 6.


The Slaying is Consequent Upon

Messiah Fulfilling the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week,

The “time times and the dividing of time”

Of Daniel 7:24-27 Initiating the Events

Of the Last End of the Indignation,

Removing Jerusalem and the Holy Mount

From Government of the Zionist State

Under Authority to Revived Rome / UN .


That one “who’s right it is” was present in spring 1984 ending the 2520 years from the start of the Times of the Gentiles in spring of 537 BCE. From his presence, “the deliverer coming out of Sion,” we have the process of “turning away iniquity from Jacob,” as Paul stated. Notice in Ezekiel 14:1-11, it is the iniquitous approach that causes them to be deceived for which they must go the distance to be delivered at last. This deliverance comes by Messiah when the iniquitous way that was prosperous at first comes to its end in the THIRD overturning of Ezekiel 21:25-27, as in the other two overturnings of 586 BCE and 70 CE; yet, it will be in a different manner according to Daniel 11:29. It is thus we observe the legislative, rather than military, move of the world in the UNGA Resolution 67/19, voted into international law November 29, 2012, by the Revived Roman United Nations in control of the Ten Arab countries of the Middle East. This legislation into international law ‘prepared’ the actual removal executively of the Holy Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem from the Zionists, putting it in the internationally recognized State of Palestine awaiting further international action on the ground to fully bring to bear and effectuate the results of this legislation. This alternate method, different than the first two, of the THIRD overturning is prophesied as we have seen earlier, and just mentioned a few lines above, in Daniel 11:29. This is equally available to occur, as we write these pages beforehand, in fulfillment of the original design of UNGA Resolution 181 declaring that Jerusalem would be separate from the State of Palestine and the State of Zionist Israel and positioned under its own international regime. In either case, it would be removed from Jewish aspirations as their united capitol inclusive of the Holy Temple Mount within their concept of the Zionist State. Again, when this occurs, they are slain even as those before them in 70 CE were slain, which is to be cut off from Jerusalem and the Holy Temple Mount - the life blood of any façade of the Zionist State being the established and restored Kingdom as in the days of David and Solomon.


Jesus / Michael IS NOT Omniscient / All Knowing


          With the Fifth Seal remaining closed, even Messiah did not know the exact timing for his Second Coming. WHEN HE IS PRESENT AGAIN, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb worthy to open the book, reveals it. We have shown it here in this publication as opened and revealed by Michael, the Great Prince, and publicized by the author with specific details at the beginning of this Section X. March 18, 1984 is that time; it began the process whereby the souls under the altar, those who have their view and understanding of God seen through the Law of Moses, are delivered in the fulfillment of that Law in Messiah. It will finalize once those slain in 70 CE, by being separated from all hope of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple Mount, pictured as “the souls under the altar,” are joined by their brethren also cut off from Jerusalem, slain concerning what they consider life in adherence to the UN demands in the current Zionist State called “Israel,” and therefore need Messiah’s intervention to attain the final goal. Contingent upon this event, those slain and under the altar will have their vengeance upon the Gentile intrusion that has robbed them of their inheritance, as they understand it, in the Holy Mount and the Holy Land by their Covenant with God. However, it will not be under the Law of Moses as they expect. It will be acquired by accepting Messiah and their original link under God’s Sovereignty in the Covenant of God with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


The Sixth Seal Opened

By Michael unto the Author


          As the Fifth Seal opened reveals the WHEN or time of Messiah’s presence for the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week and Final Ministry to Israel, so follows the details of HOW that process of deliverance transpires in the opening of the Sixth Seal. A brief look at the Sixth Seal in description in the Bible shows some ghastly symbology or semiotics which appears negative to the say the least. However, the question remains - to what party is it positive and to what party is it negative??? When we soon venture into the final Sections of this presentation with the exposition of the Trumpets and Plagues of Revelation 8 – 11   and Revelation 16 respectively, we will see – a Trumpet of Deliverance by proper understanding to the enlightened remnant is at the same time and place also a Plague of Destruction and Judgment to the unenlightened majority.  If one is smug and at home, so to speak, in his current understanding of what he perceives to be truth, then the opening of the Sixth Seal is a negative. If one is in the understanding of the truth behind the First Four Seals, it is a positive. The pulling down and removal, of all that is currently understood, is a deliverance for those who know, based upon the opening of the First Four Seals, it NEEDS to be removed to bring in the FULL truth.  


The Main Dominoes to Fall

Which Bringing Down All Others


The primary company that is dealt this blow is those under the deception of Ezekiel 14:1-11, in belief that the Zionist State in league with Revived Rome is the Israel of God returned in truth and positive fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets, many believing that they receive a collective messianic understanding entering the presence of God through the Kabbalah and Zohar, its writings, and its leaders/rabbis. According to II Thessalonians 2 and Apostle Paul’s instruction based primarily upon Ezekiel 14:1-11, as he mentions God sending them “strong delusion to believe a lie,” we can see clearly now by physical and governmental structure in the Holy Land, the epitome to which he said the Man of Sin would arrive at their exposure by Full Truth and then their consequent removal or destruction. When it is removed, it likewise pulls down the entire system that supports it. When one sees this deception, and understands it, as revealed since the time of King Cyrus of Persia until its removal now imminent, the SEAL is removed for that individual. If one still has confidence in all that is currently establishing the façade that they are correct, and in particular within Israel as the Zionist State, he is still sealed away from truth. 


So, Goes Israel . . . So, Goes the Rest of Mankind


The removal of all that is currently understood along with the confidence built upon it, has its main application as a lesson and marker for all men in what God does with Israel and the Zionist State. Yet, it comes down to a practical application to all men in their personal lives as these prophecies unfold and transpire in challenging the status quo between them and their Creator. Here it will be a time of trouble for all and not just Israel in the personal application. From this experience, we will come up on the other side even as it states in verse 11 of Ezekiel 14, as an overall positive to solidify once and for all our relationship with our Creator as His Sons and Daughters, even as Messiah also is.


Addressing the Metaphors and Symbols


          Addressing the symbology in the Sixth Seal, we see the sun, moon, and stars once again as we explained in earlier Sections reviewed with explanation from the Law and the Prophets in Genesis 37:9-11


9 And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me.


10 And he told it to his father, and to his brethren: and his father rebuked him, and said unto him, What is this dream that thou hast dreamed? Shall I and thy mother and thy brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth?


11 And his brethren envied him; but his father observed the saying.


This is Israel and basically its government, and the symbology for it throughout the Bible. Therefore, as we have already stated, the removal of Israel from their deceptive success in the THIRD overturning of the Holy Mount, East Jerusalem, making the current government fall from its place and rendering it impotent to deliver them, is the prime point here. So we see the blacking out of the sun, the moon turning to blood, and stars falling from heaven are the removal of Israel from their successful position due to the deception of Ezekiel 14:1-11 coming full circle to its end bringing to bear the sequence of events of that judgment and “Last End of the Indignation.” Their heaven departing is their understanding from God, which they THINK they have, being brought to question and confusion. Following with this, those institutions and bulwarks, represented as mountains and islands they have used to support what they have accomplished per their understanding and the goals they have based upon them, are shaken out of their place, no longer giving that support.


As we have stated as well, so goes Israel, so goes the world.  The Apostle Paul states it this way:


Romans 3:19

Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law (Israel as the test group indicative of all men): that EVERY MOUTH may be stopped, and ALL THE WORLD may become guilty before God.


Thus, we see in the metaphor of the kings etc., and all men crying for the rocks and hills to fall on them, is the same thing that occurs to Israel with the mountains and islands. These are the things we have built upon and with which we have surrounded ourselves, whereby we are secure (or so we think) in those beliefs and the confidence we have based upon them. In the final judgment extending from Israel and her eventual deliverance, all those strongholds of the nations as well, shall be tested and removed to make way for the truth revealed, even though many will look to those things and try to find answers within them, symbolized as crying unto them to fall upon them and hide them from the wrath of the Lamb.


Prior to the Seventh Seal in Revelation 8:1

Revelation 7 Gives a Synoptic View

Of the Two Ministries of Messiah


The Main Factors whereby

We Can Understand the Book of Revelation


We must be clear on this point to understand Bible prophecy of Revelation. THEREFORE REMEMBER - DANIEL MUST BE PROPERLY INTERPRETED FIRST AND THEN THE BOOK OF REVELATION BASED UPON DANIEL FOR UNDERSTANDING. Of course, as we have made abundantly clear, it must be all through Michael, the Great Prince the only authority to PROPERLY interpret according to Daniel 10:21. This follows what we have stressed all along. We must have Old Testament backing for any interpretation of the New, or one is holding to false doctrine and misleading others as well. Again, this is the emphasis of Isaiah 8:20 and Acts 26:22 in particular, virtually missed entirely by Christendom.


Again, We Must See This through Jewish Eyes


          The 144,000 Sealed in their Foreheads in Revelation 7 is those of national Israel that came up in the First Resurrection of 30 CE when they heard the voice of the Son of God in Christ and then the Apostles according to John 5:24-25 and passed from death unto life.


One of the MOST Major Keys

To the Understanding of Not Only Revelation,

But also, the Rest of the Bible,

Bible Timing, End Time Events, and

Why the Apostles Spoke as They Did.


          At this juncture, we must reintroduce a most major key to the understanding of the Bible and Messiah’s Ministry. Remember that Christ did not know the time of the Second Coming and Finish to the Covenant Confirmation of God with Israel under the Law of Moses. This was because there was no key unlocking the Fifth Seal, the “WHEN,” until Messiah returned. When Messiah returned, he revealed that date was March 18, 1984. Now here is the most crucial point to keep in mind when reading the New Testament in relation to this unknown factor down through time until the Second Coming. The Apostles and therefore those that listened and followed their teachings DID NOT KNOW THE END OF THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES and consequently, when Messiah would return fulfilling the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week. Like Jesus’ answer to his disciples in Luke 21:24 and Paul in speaking of Israel’s deliverance in Roman 11:25-27, they knew WHAT was to happen, but they DID NOT KNOW THE TIME. Therefore, the coming of Messiah the Second Time, not being specifically known as to WHEN, it was ALWAYS considered and mentioned in the context that it was immediately imminent and possible to occur at a time they thought not. This is clear in the entire New Testament; so, we will not bog down here in trying to give scriptures to support it.


Okay, Point taken.

How Does that Workout Practically?


This is the main point to keep in mind regarding the writings and letters of the Apostles and when reading the Book of Revelation, and even in looking at Christ’s parables in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, concerning the last days when he would come again, and how to divide between the events described in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Now in considering Revelation 7 we see that after the Sealing in the Forehead of the 144,000, THEN the judgment commences which was being held back. Upon this judgment transpiring, we have the rest of the chapter producing the vast company that comes out of great tribulation.  This MUST be looked upon, as to the Covenant of God with SOLEY ISRAEL and that Covenant being over and completed, by putting both Ministries of Messiah back to back as if there was no Age of Grace or Ministry of the Apostle Paul to the Gentiles.  We mentioned this some Sections back, in discussing the start of the 2300 countdown, so we will repeat only the pertinent portion of that diagram again from that presentation which bears upon what we are stressing here.



Two Ministries of Messiah to Solely Israel

Without the Age of Grace

26<3 ½ yrs>April-3-30CEtMar-18-1984<3 ½ yrs>1987


In other words, we must again take a Jewish mindset in order to understand. Once the Age of Grace and the longer Seven Times of the Gentiles ended in 1984 then the Prophetical Time Clock was reset to 30 CE, as if spring 1984 proceeded right from that time; hence, once the Messiah Ministry was fulfilled as a full 70th Week to Israel, THEN the “judgment shall sit” of Daniel 7:24-27, the “Last End of the Indignation” and all the ensuing events transpire as we will show. Revelation 7 has to be read in the context that John, and Christ dictating this to him, did not know when the Times of the Gentiles would be over. Therefore, once the Remnant of the 144,000 is sealed, which was holding back the judgment as stated here, the judgment falls. What is NOT given here is that there were about 1900 years between the time of this sealing of the 144,000 or the Remnant of physical, national Israel during the time of Christ and the Apostles, until the return of Christ completing the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week at the end time. It was only upon that occurring or until the fulfillment of the “time times and the dividing of time” of Daniel 7:24-27 that the judgment would sit, thus bringing in the great tribulation given in the rest of Revelation 7. Once more we see how the scriptures of Daniel and Revelation have been sealed from proper understanding until that time when Michael is present to give that exposure of these mysteries within the Sacred Writing of the Bible. With the KEY of spring 1984 and knowing the end to the Times of the Gentiles, all other puzzle pieces as to timings quickly can be placed for the proper picture of God’s Great Plan. Without that KEY, to put it in Michael’s own words, “we all have been guessing at a sealed book.”


Understanding Paul’s Letters without this Key,

By NOW Having that KEY


Some of Paul’s scriptures come to life when seeing this fact of no known time for Christ’s Second Coming or the End of the Times of the Gentiles, thus removing fantasy. One of the most important is I Thessalonians 4:13-5:11. When he refers to those that are “alive and remain,” he is speaking of himself and those fully SPIRITUALLY “alive” in the FULL Holy Spirit and knowledge of God as born of God, God’s mature Sons, raised from the dead spiritually by hearing the voice of Christ. Additionally, they still “remained” or were still alive “physically” on the earth as he wrote his letter. They were awaiting the unknown TIME of the SECOND coming of Messiah to finish the 70th Week unto Israel, confirming the Covenant with Israel, NOT completed by Messiah’s First Ministry as Paul indicated in Romans 11:25-27.  Therefore, if Messiah returned while Paul and those with FULL understanding, unlike most of those around them that only had a portion of understanding . . . if Christ came AT THAT TIME, those spiritually “alive” or having the fullness of the Spirit and “remaining” on the earth physically alive would be caught up or joined to the spiritually dead that had partial understanding. This would transpire via the spiritually dead, short of all that Paul and the Apostle’s fully had, THEN rising from spiritual death consequent upon Messiah’s fulfillment of the Last Half of Daniel’s 70th Week, Full Understanding THEN disclosed, along with those events that bring THAT final resurrection.  Having been THEN so raised to full life AT THAT TIME, if the Apostles were still physically around or “remained,” the Apostles and others with full understanding would then be joined to the rest of the spiritually ignorant, unenlightened dead, thus THEN raised and alive spiritually, even as the Apostles ALREADY were. They would rise exactly the same way those that heard the voice of the Son of God rose in John 5:24-25. This is stated in John 5:28-29 which is a direct reference to Daniel 12:1-7, Ezekiel 37:18-28 and Isaiah 27:13, “graves” being spiritually lost in the nations and NOT speaking of literal graveyards, hearing the scattering / dissemination / broadcast into the air, of truth as stated in Daniel 12 that brings increase in knowledge, and Full Resurrection via that truth and voice, the full and real power of the holy people.


Time to Grow Up into Reality,

Leaving Fables and Fantasy Behind


This is the proper view and interpretation of what Paul is saying in I Thessalonians 4, I Corinthians 15, II Corinthians 5, and Romans 8, etc. just given above. Those PROFESSING divine enlightenment and wielding the Bible and coming in Christ’s name, teaching literal, physical bodies flying out of graves to join people flying off the earth likewise, in literal, physical resurrection of physically, dead bodies of the dearly departed, . . . again, are propagating fantasy and lies, based upon private interpretation void of support in the Law and the Prophets, which Acts 26:22 states was Paul’s ONLY source of declaration. The author of the record produced here once believed and preached such lies prior to being raised from the dead by hearing Michael’s Voice of Truth and Exposition. Resurrection, death, life, etc., have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with physicallderstanding until that time and Michael y dying, physically rising, or those physically alive having new physical, sexless bodies given them and joined with our physically raised ancestors. These beliefs and interpretations are 100 percent the product of the heathen and fable cultures of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome, etc. being literally brought into the collective body of believers as fables and Jewish fables according to I Timothy 1:4, 4:7, II Timothy 4:4, Titus 1:14, II Peter 1:16, by literalists, false prophets that prevailed and obliterated the truth by the time John writes his Gospel and the Book of Revelation. They have no support for their fantasies from the Law and Prophets of the Bible. There is only one kind of resurrection and that is to hear the voice of the Son of God declaring truth and rise to spiritual life via a clear understanding as depicted so plainly in Isaiah 29:9-24 in comparison with Daniel 12:1-4, the texts from which Jesus presented John 5:24-29.  


Even as Messiah Did, So Must We as Well


Christ’s literal death and resurrection of his physical body was to picture and represent, for those of spiritual understanding, their spiritual death and resurrection to spiritual life. There is absolutely no difference in the resurrection of Ephesians 2 and John 5:24-25 from the resurrection of I Thessalonians 4 and I Corinthians 15, which is the same as the Redemption of the Collective Body as stated in II Corinthians 5 and Romans 8. These verses are all based upon the Law and the Prophets of Genesis 49:10, Isaiah 26-29, Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel 36 and 37, Daniel 12, Zechariah 14, and Malachi 3 among others. The First Resurrection happened in 30 CE and the Final one occurs upon the belief of THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL now. Revelation 7 shows us the first group in verses 1-8 in the First Resurrection, and it reveals the group of the Final Resurrection in verses 9-17. This is those that come out of great tribulation ensuing upon the demise of the Zionist State of Israel manifested and removed by the proper governmental installation of Messiah according to Ezekiel 21:25-27, stated also as Michael the Great Prince standing up and bringing this resurrection in Daniel 12:1-7.


Those under Partial Understanding,

And Blood Atonement of Messiah,

NOT Having the Fullness of the Holy Spirit,

Will Go into Great Tribulation,

Upon Messiah’s Second Coming REVEALED.


When Israel’s judgment is completed and consummates in the FULL Resurrection, the curses upon her such as Leviticus 26:19, “heaven as iron” thus meaning no clear answer and understanding of God, will be turned upon the nations that have come against Jerusalem supporting Israel in unbelief and defiance of the Covenant of God with her. Those covered in the blood atonement of Messiah or having robes washed in the blood of the Lamb will go into Great Tribulation to hear that Messiah is in Jerusalem and with Israel, then repentant in subjection to him and God once again.


The Final Cycle of the Washer Must Run Its

Full Duration and Finalize in Perfection or Completion


They will have to come out and wash their robes WHITE, no longer depending on continual sinning and being forgiven. They must come, even as Israel also will come, to the sinless perfection granted by the finish of the FULL atonement in the fulfillment of the SCAPEGOAT feature of the Law of Moses, through Michael, the Great Prince, that was unfulfilled under the name and Ministry of Jesus Christ. This removes sin altogether in the higher learning and understanding only gained from THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL as we have previously stated and will continue to emphasize. That message is on our website and is the beginning and end of the matter for everyone still under the belief and understanding of previous eras, whether it is the Law of Moses for the Jew or the Gospel of Grace for the Gentile. They are REMOVED in THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL as lesser understandings necessary for past eras, but no longer capable of deliverance in the fullness required. Therefore, they are obsolete and no longer available, and must take their place as earlier rungs on the ladder and lower bricks forming the pyramid that has brought us to the current hour, as we enter the Final Age of God’s Plan.


As to Islam, as we have stated numerous times, it is based upon the Quran which is very clear that it’s statements and verses are the same message of the early writings of the Torah and the Gospel or Enjeel. Therefore, the Jews and Christians experiencing the resurrection properly will be joined along with Islam within the new understanding that replaces previous views, understandings, teachings, and concepts of all three derivative stems from the original faith of Abraham.  From this unification under Michael the Great Prince in THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, we will have completion in Isaiah 29:4, Jeremiah 31:34, Zephaniah 3:9, Zechariah 14:9, and Quran, Surah 21:105; 54:54-55. This is the Full Redemption of mankind returning all to that which is Everlasting, the Faith and understanding which Abraham also had, but brought out and made clear in finality through the Messenger that ended the Covenant under the Law of Moses and returned us all to the Covenant of God with Abraham. It is here all nations are blessed according to Genesis 12:1-3 in the understanding given by the Promised Seed, Messiah, Michael the Great Prince.


In Closing This Section X


          In our next Section XI, we will address the Seventh Seal and then proceed to the Trumpets and Plagues as they relate to the Two Ministries of Messiah to Israel and beyond, thus bringing us to the events of the “Last End of the Indignation” in world recognized occurrences headlining the news. Although there indeed were major news stories that bear directly upon the Holy Land and the end time before the appearing of Messiah publicly to all, they certainly were not understood in that vernacular or enlightenment. Still hidden like a thief in the night, these events occurred, and NO ONE knew what they really were in Bible terms but Michael, the Great Prince, as well as the author of this publication, as the consequence of being under his authority and being taught via his instruction.


Section XI


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