Viewing and Reading Instruction

For This Web Publication


This publication is best read with one’s zoom or screen view set at 100 percent to avoid skewing of diagrams within. Referencing is done by giving the Section and then the Subtitle within that Section and then the paragraph. Example:  Section II, Subtitle: “Blanket Approach . . .,” 2nd Paragraph.


It should not be read without first reading THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL and PHYSICS OF THE UNIVERSE: AN INTRODUCTION TO GOD, where one should return to reread these two publications after finishing this one as well. As stated within this publication, those two documents begin and end this one for good reason. The full value of why we believe that is mandatory can only be appreciated upon following that formula. The production of these documents proceeded in their final form for publication in 2014 with two above mentioned released at that time.


BABYLON HAS FALLEN is the last of the three and was first published in its first draft in 2015. Taking advantage of the versatility and utility of web produced publications, corrections and additions for clarity are, and will be, ongoing. A bibliography and coinciding footnotes are not present since any source used is immediately linked for viewing within the document directly in context. References to certain archeological or historical matters are very sparse and were web researched, but are not linked. The reader is invited to do his own research via entering any subject he wishes to explore into his web search engine. It is not the purpose of this publication to pit itself against other documents and explanations of the Bible. The authority  claimed within is obvious and final, inviting no comparison with what has gone before save those examples also raised within to expose error and lead one to the truth now evident.


The King James Version is quoted verbatim for all references from the Bible with the exception that the awkward Old English spelling is replaced, such as the “eth” meaning today “s” in many quotes. There is no index nor descriptive table of contents because it is meant to be read in the sequence before the reader and not used as a reference work.


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