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The Everlasting Gospel Has Rendered The Gospel Of Grace Obsolete!

Book: Christ Has Returned As A Thief

This 700 page book and its 24 chapters portray how we have arrived to this time of full disclosure. From the beginning, as stated in Genesis, until this current hour with the sounding of the Great and final  Trumpet of the Everlasting Gospel – God’s view of the entire panorama of time and human existence now can be seen, thus bringing us to this hour with the ushering in of the New Heaven and the New Earth currently before us.  This publication  primarily exposes our long held views as being childlike, immature and wrongly construed as literal, all of which must yield to the mature and spiritual truth that will eventually in-dwell everyone. It is time for the whole creation to now come to the fulfillment of the age old goal as so  eloquently stated by the Prophets: “no man shall say – ‘know the Lord’ for all shall  know Him from the least to the greatest” and “serve Him  with one consent” (Jeremiah 31:34, Zephaniah 3:9).


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Holy Mount

Michael and Christ the Same

Science Book

7 Seals

Revelation 10 Christ the Mystery of God Revealed

The Coming of the Lord