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May 15, 2012


This letter is being sent in follow up and for the purpose of further clarifying my position expressed to you in the May 4, 2011 letter as you were approached with claims and alleged rights being expressed upon lands and territories within the Middle East by the Yesha leaders representing that community in the West Bank.

Dear Sir:

Herewith be advised that any approach to this matter by the United Nations of the World will be clarified with the following legal facts as they pertain to my claims to said properties at issue.

Within the land in question exists the property, that of Har Ha-Moriyya (Har Ha-Bayit) understood to be the TEMPLE MOUNT and site of King Solomon's Great Temple which construction began in the second month of the fourth year of Solomon's reign.  The property remains within and marked out by ancient and contemporary landmarks and boundaries on the West by HaKotel HaMa'aravi (Western Wall); and on the East by Sha'ar Ha Rahamim (Golden Gate); on the South by Ophel; and on the North by the Sheep Gate and Antonia Fortress.

This property, as a matter of accurate historical record, was purchased by King Solomon's father, David specifically at the request of the Lord for the building of Solomon's Temple.   As a matter of the same historical record the land in question was purchased by King David for six hundred shekels of gold from a man by the name Ornan, a Jebusite from a tribe of the Canaanite people ruling the city of Jerusalem known as the city of Jebus at that time.

The land in question, at the time of this transaction, was called (the threshing floor of Ornan) and also understood by historical records to be that of "Mount Moriah, where the Lord appeared unto David" and commanded him to "set up an altar unto the Lord." This same Mount Moriah, being a mountain in the "land of Moriah," is also referred to as the "Mountain of the Lord" which is, by primitive means of transportation, a reasonable three day journey from Beer-Sheba where Abraham dwelt when he was instructed of the Lord to bring his "only Isaac" to this same mount for sacrifice approximately nine hundred years earlier.

As historical record bears out, although contrary to many contemporary points of view, the land in question has never changed legal ownership since it was lawfully purchased, with payment in full of the fair market value, from Ornan the Jebusite by King David. Let it be understood that at the same time David purchased the land for six hundred shekels of gold he purchased for sacrificial offering Ornan's oxen for fifty shekels of silver and the documented historical record we presently have of that transaction must stand as a lawful and binding contract unless proven otherwise.

The significance of this site, as so claimed, remains well documented throughout history even though the original temple, built by Solomon on this site, was severely destroyed on the tenth day of the fifth month of the year 587-586 B.C. It was restored in part by decree of Cyrus, King of Persia, given in the first year of his reign, 539-538 B.C. History bears out that it was refurbished under the reign of Herod the Great and continued to remain in its same location during the time of Jesus the Nazarite and Josephus the Jewish historian. Although the Temple was, for the most part, destroyed by the Roman army under Titus in 70 A.D. and many different "squatters" have taken up temporary residence on this piece of property since that time, we reiterate once again that it has at no time legally changed ownership since that original transaction cited herein between David and Ornan.

There remains on the property at the present time several buildings, two of which are Islamic Mosques, one built by Omar and completed in the year 691 A.D.; the other, Al-Aqsa, located at the South end of the property in question, both of which have been built and remain without lawful authority upon the said property. Although this fact may be contested by many of those professing the Islamic Faith, there remains within the records of the Islamic teachings of Muhammad, no record of a legal transfer of this property, nor command by him to build upon this property any such buildings as exist today. In fact, Muhammad, made it clear to his followers, while he was alive, that this area was given by God to the Faithful of Israel for a place of worship unlike other Holy sites in Islam which were given to "all people." The "Qibla" and direction of worship for Israel, since Solomon's Temple, has always been on this spot, known in history as "The Mountain of the Lord." Muhammad's teachings confirmed this when he makes it clear that each of the three main religions from Abraham have been given their own "Qibla" and direction of worship. Muhammad's teachings also bear record that this particular piece of land was considered a Holy site to Israel long before he was ever born or the Qur'an revealed, therefore to claim a religious right by some kind of spiritual significance would not become legally binding nor override the lawful contract made nearly 1600 years earlier.


(Signature:  See picture of actual document)

Great Prince Michael  aka  Michael Craig Clark

Being the principle Named heir to this Covenant

Hebrew to English translation of the name 'Michael the Great Prince'